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Great British Sewing Bee Series 6

It's back and we all need The Great British Sewing Bee more than ever. Watching a group of contestants make garments and be supportive of each other, joshing between the judges and the wonderful Joe Lycett running around to find buttons was an hour of much needed escapism.

The first challenge was to make a wrap skirt, which I think is from the new book that accompanies the series, written by Alexandra and Caroline from Selkie Patterns  It was a fairly straightforward make but the pressure of bringing your sewing A game to impress Patrick and Esme must get to the contestants, because if you can make a tea dress you can definitely make a wrap skirt. 

The upcycling challenge would be my personal nightmare. You know the bit I'd hate about it most? The canter towards the rail where everyone grabs the garments they want to use. Peter's draped garment was the best by far, but it isn't a design competition. Maybe there's some hidden sewing somewhere other than that zip and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. 

The fringed skirt looked the most different to the original garment but sometimes the judges say they would like to have seen more details from the original garment used in the design. Liz's bodice should have got a higher placing because it fitted perfectly.

I love a tea dress but did some of the patterns used stretch the brief a little? Peter and Alex's dresses were nice but I wouldn't class them as tea dresses. Peter's was too bodycon and Alex's too unstructured. Angillia's poor model was clearly nervous and her dress was by far the worst.

Matt's fabric choice was impeccable and it was a worthy garment of the week but I had two favourites: Nicole's for the fabric choice and that fantastic bobble belt; and bank manager Mark's for those amazing sleeves. It really shows how the fabric choice (pattern but also drape and weight) really make or break a garment. 

Alex was lucky not to leave this week. His wrap skirt wasn't great and his tea dress wasn't finished (no one would leave a raw edge on a sleeve on purpose would they? I don't think Angillia should have gone. Too often in competitions we say goodbye to people who don't quite fit the mould. Her sewing is solid and traditional, which has a place in this competition. However, it is a TV show first and foremost. 

I love The Great British Sewing Bee. I want to savour each episode and dream about running around in that fabulous haberdashery. Can't wait for next week! 



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