I AM jacques

I AM Excited!

An exciting parcel of I AM Patterns arrived at Stitch and Stash HQ this week, with lots of lovely gold envelopes embossed with the I AM logo. We're continuing the French theme by stocking I AM Patterns (in case you haven't noticed I'm obsessed with French style - Eglantine et Zoe, Atelier Brunette, Ikatee, Deer & Doe. Even the Tilly and the Buttons patterns have a lot of Breton stripes to keep me happy).

The new collection from I AM is I AM A Sailor, with patterns like I AM Jacques, a fab lined raincoat, I AM Armor, sailor trousers, I AM Emilien, a button-necked jumper and I AM Milor, a Breton-striped staple top. 


I AM Jacques coat
I AM Milor top
I AM Milor
I AM Emilien


The patterns I'm really looking forward to making are Perle, which I'd like to make in Eglantine et Zoe Stone Lagune (although I've just made a jacket in that fabric and ought to try something else): 


I AM Perle
Eglantine et Zoe Stone Lagune


I'd also like to make Hestia, a gorgeous full skirt, in Atelier Brunette Canopy Ochre: 

I AM Hestia
Atelier Brunette Canopy Ochre

But hang on, I'd also like to make Gaia, a cami top. 

I AM Gaia
Atelier Brunette Shade Cobalt

I'm going to be busy. See you in a couple of months. XO

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