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Maison Fauve Luz playsuit

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Ruffles like wisps, which ripple and make the silhouette vibrate, the beautiful LUZ dress is an outfit to dance a modern flamenco in. Its American sleeves and side yokes reveal just what it takes to rejoice in the caress of the sun. you can also sew a more streamlined version of Luz without frills. And if you want to show off your legs in a comfortable and oh so pretty outfit, the LUZ pattern is also available in a jumpsuit version!

Sewing level: advanced, the technical points are the sheath seam of the side yokes, the assembly of the shorts with Italian pockets and the installation of the invisible back zip.

Includes 1cm seam allowance.

Instructions in English.


- Fabric for a width of 140 cm:
Dress 6-18 (34-46): 170 cm
Dress 20-24 (48-52): 210 cm
Playsuit 6-14 (34-42): 180 cm
Playsuit 16-24 (44-52): 230 cm
Jumpsuit 6-8 (34-36): 220 cm
Jumpsuit 10-12 (38-40): 240 cm
Jumpsuit 14-44 (42-44): 250 cm
Jumpsuit 18-22 (46-50): 280 cm
Jumpsuit 24 (52): 325 cm
- A 40 cm invisible zip
- 2m of straight seam iron-on 

Choice of fabric: a lightweight fabric (80 to 180 g/m2), flexible, with a beautiful fall, such as a poplin, a crepe, a fine jacquard, viscose, cotton, a fine chambray, a tencel.

THE ONLY CONSTRAINT will be that your fabric must have a wrong side as pretty as the right side to sew the ruffles.

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