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Maison Fauve Pilar jacket

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PILAR is the jacket we've been dreaming of at Maison Fauve : a nice straight cut, not too wide, not too short, and stitched finishes. But we're incorrigible and couldn't do without signature details for this beautiful pattern: stitched darts on the front of the jacket and the possibility of sewing a nice back with a box pleat to twist the iconic denim piece or a back without a pleat.

Sewing level: intermediate, the technical points are the assembly of the collar, the realization of the fold, the precision of the stitched darts on the right side of the garment and the topstitching.

Includes 1cm seam allowance.

Instructions in English.

Fabric for a width of 140 cm:
From 34 to 38 : 150 cm
From 40 to 44: 165 cm
From 46 to 48: 180 cm
From 50 to 52: 190 cm

- 11 buttons of 15 to 20 mm (you can choose "real" denim jacket buttons but also covered buttons, buttons with holes, etc.)
- If you are using a fabric other than denim, lighter or softer, put iron-on on 1 of the collar pieces, the facing, the flaps, half of the cuffs and the waistband


Choice of fabric :

Denim, intermediate weight wool, jacquard or gabardine.

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