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Named Patterns Silmu shirt and shirt dress

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Silmu is a stylish pattern duo that includes a loose-fitting shirt and a midi length shirt dress. Both variations feature a distinctive overlapping collar. The shirt variation also includes breast pockets, a back pleat, long sleeves with cuffs, and an uneven hem with side slits.

The waist pleats of the dress variation make it loose at the top, while the skirt is lightly fitted. The dress also has pleated half sleeves and a tie closure at the back.


For both variations, choose a non-stretch , light-weight or medium-weight shirt fabric. The blouse fabric can be a lighter weight, whilst the skirt fabric can a be a heavier weight and more drapey.


    • Shirt: fusible interfacing, 35 cm (½ yd)  
    • Dress: fusible interfacing, 130 cm (1½ yd)
    • Small buttons, 12 pcs