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Tapestry kit - Marbella

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The retro 'Marbella' kit, designed by Emily Peacock, is inspired by the 1950s and 60s. This was a time when needlepoint kits became mainstream. The range of colours wasn't as it is today and the dyes often appeared gaudy and cheap. At the same time the package holiday became a way for ordinary working people to start seeing more of the world. The idea of exploring a land and its people became very appealing and romanticised. Cue the launch of kitsch images from the cafes of Paris, the markets of Morocco and the streets of Andalucia.

This kit is worked in Anchor Tapisserie wool on 12 hpi canvas. The kit includes printed canvas, wools and full instructions

The design measures 33 x 40cm ( 13 x 16 inches) approx

This kit is worked in tent stitch.

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